Thursday, March 17, 2005

March Break is the best

Over March Break we have had a lot of fun days. On Monday I went to my neighbors for a sleep over party. Her name is Jolissa. Tuesday I went to my friend Emily's house after I got back from the sleep over. At night Lucas started barffing. Wednesday I was a little sick and Lucas was a lot sick. We had a theme for the day when Natasha was here. It was Theatre day. We watched movies, had snacks and me and Natasha went on the computer.

Today I had a St Patricks day party and was still a little sick. At the party we had green, really yummy rice crispy squares, cucumber slices, green icinged cup cakes and green milk shakes. After the party in the evening my temperature got really high and I got a very bad head ache. My mom gave me Tylenol, which is so gross.

Yeah for March Break (sort of). I will post again to let you know how the rest of the week and weekend goes and I will post some pictures my mom took of the party today.

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