Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stuff on Saturday

So how you ya'll doin'? So on friday my mom picked me and my freind Melissa up from school because Melissa was going to sleep over. I was so excited to have my best freind sleep over!!!! Right after school we went to the movie store [Block Buster] and rented movies. Then we went to get some stuff for our fish tank at Petsmart. When we got home me and Melissa got to bed at around 12:00 and got up around 7:30. In the morning Melissa had to go at 11:oo.

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Lou Renaud said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend - sleepovers are great ! I used to have a fish tank - I loved it. My favorite fish were called Gourami's. There are different Gourami's to choose from, my favorite was the Kissing Gourami's ! What kind of fish do you have ? I had a turtle once - my Siamese cat snuck him out of his tank and I found her chewing a hole in his shell ! He lived and got really big - you had to hold him with both hands, like a hamburger or he would kick and get away. Did you know that turtles hiss like snakes when they are mad or scared ? Cool, huh?