Thursday, May 15, 2008

A New Appetite (And A Trip)

Lately, I've been eating lots of foods that I haven't eaten in a while.

1. Sphagetti

2. Ceaser salad (premixed)

3. Sloppy Joes ( A.K.A. Mamwitches)

4. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

5. Steak

6. And much, much more!!!!

On Friday the Gr. 4 and 5 classes went on a year-end trip at school. It was loads of fun! We went to Cave Springs Camp. We all met our three councilors: Mel (Melissa), John, and Alex. We rolled down a hill and played on a play structure for a while. then we got separated into three groups. A councilor would take us to a game. First for my group was The Teeter-Totter. We had to go on this massive teeter-totter (sea-saw) and we had to balance it out using our weight. The trick was that only one person could move at a time. We had to keep it steady and eve for 5-10 seconds. John was the councilor for that activity.
John took us to Alex, then. We went into the forest with Alex. We had to hunt for salamanders and/or frogs. It wasn't weather for frog-hunting. This activity was called The Salamander Hunt. After we found one, we had to makeit a habitat in a bucket. We ould name it if we wanted to, as well. I named mine Sal.
Alex then took us to Mel. We did Orieenting. We had a map of camp and we had this sheet the had squares with diagonal lines through them. We had to use the black X's on our map to find tiles. They were hiding in random places and we had to draw their picture on our sheet. Bonus points were given if me could find the tiles with Mel's initials on them.
We then had lunch and did rolling down the hill and play structure.
The best part of the trip was our hike. It was crazy! We went through rock paths, flower feilds, bushes, streams, and more. We went to this rock cliff that had rock stairs leading down it. They were not man made either. Mel told us a legend about how the stairs got their name. That was really neat! We went down the stairs and talked about the different types of rock that it was made of. We went up the stairs and kept hiking. We then came to a forest up a really steep hill and we all sat on logs. (By th way, we were all together now and not in three groups). We got split into three groups. Mel took one group and we played Deer Hunt. This is where she stands in one spot and closes her eyes while we all go hide. She opens them and whoever she can see from there, is out. Alex and John then took us to a cave. it was neat. They told us about how during World War II, a German who was not against anyone, moved to a afrm and started a buisness. People thought he was a spy so they ran to get him. He hid in the forest. There was a cave/tunnel that he stayed in and we got to go inside of it! That was by far the best hike ever! We hiked back an d loaded the buses. What an amazing trip!

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